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Fast, Secure, Open Source.

Secure your connection to the internet, block trackers and advertisers, anonymize your traffic.

The Internet on Your Terms.

Experience WireGuard®

The latest in Secure Tunnel Technology. Bleeding edge encryption and lightning speeds. Completely Open Source.

Block Trackers and Advertisers.

Stop behavioral analysis and speed up your browsing experience. Help stop identity theft and malware. Start using our Free Private DNS Servers Today!

Other VPN Features


Keep your secrets to yourself. We don't need your password or private encryption keys. Login with your identity of choice and generate your own keys.

Global Presence

Connect from anywhere, or the other side of the world if you want to. Hide your geolocation or change it if you want to.

No Logs

Our VPN and DNS servers don't keep any logs. No IPs, timestamps, nothing.

Crypto Accepted

Pay with the most popular crypto currencies available today. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dai, Litecoin and others!

Perfect for Mobile

With 7/10 apps built with common frameworks that ship your data to 3rd parties, our VPN is the best way to block trackers on your phone.

Protect Your Connection to the Internet!

Works on Android, Apple, Linux, and Windows! Try 1 device for $0.50* per month!