Secure Your Online Presence & Privacy With Skylaski VPN!

Today, you might be risking your privacy and security to ISPs, Hackers, Corporations, and Governments who could steal your identity, censor your access, or maliciously target you and sell your data to the highest bidder.

Skylaski VPN provides the fastest technology available while protecting your privacy and security above all else. With Skylaski VPN you can browse the Internet with the confidence that comes in a truly private connection. How does it work?

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Skylaski VPN Service Features

No Logs!

This means when you’re using Skylaski’s VPN Services either by OpenVPN® or WireGuard®, we absolutely, positively do not capture or store any data regarding your connection or activity.

Block Trackers & Advertisers

When using Skylaski VPN enhanced by Skylaski’s Private DNS services, common tracking websites, advertisers, malware & virus publishers will be blocked.

State of the Art Encryption With OpenVPN® & WireGuard®

Skylaski VPN leverages OpenVPN® & WireGuard® protocols to provide the greatest number of connection capabilities with the strongest & fastest connections possible.

Plans For Up To 10 Clients

Skylaski VPN will launch Beta soon! Afterwards, plans for up to 10 clients will be available with an annual subscription.

Pay Anonymously with Crypto

We accept the most popular cryptocurrencies to allow you to purchase your VPN plan and protect your privacy as much as possible.

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Skylaski VPN’s Global Network

Hide your location detectable by your IP Address. Skylaski VPN provides 20+ locations to connect to around the globe!

How does it work?

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