State of the Art Encryption With OpenVPN® & WireGuard®

Skylaski VPN leverages OpenVPN® & WireGuard® protocols to provide the greatest number of connection capabilities with the strongest & fastest connections possible.

OpenVPN® is supported by more devices than WireGuard® and will be your protocol of choice for your network devices like Routers and Wireless Access Points. With OpenVPN® you can enable VPN connectivity for more devices on your local network at home by setting up Skylaski VPN on your Router or Access Point.

OpenVPN® uses Industry Standard OpenSSL encryption and TLS authentication similar to the encryption used by the most popular secure sites online accessed via HTTPS.

WireGuard® is State of the Art in terms of Encryption and Speed. Currently, it benchmarks faster than Industry Standard IPSec used by Enterprise Grade VPN Solutions worldwide.

WireGuard® is not yet supported widely by consumer grade network devices, but clients are readily available for the most common client device platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

WireGuard® also leverages State of the Art Encryption and Authentication technology.

Details are readily available on their website, but to summarize;

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