Setup WireGuard® on Android

This article should step you through setting up Skylaski VPN with WireGuard® on your Android phone in 4 easy steps

1. Get WireGuard®

WireGuard® is readily available in the Google Play store or from this link.

First, download and install WireGuard® on your phone.

2. Download Configuration File

Once WireGuard is installed you’ll need a configuration file to connect to Skylaski VPN. These can easily be downloaded from your account page here.

Find your client, generate a key if needed, and then download your configuration file. If you’re using Chrome, you might have to rename the file, removing the ‘.txt’ that is appended at the end in certain versions.

3. Install Configuration File

Once your configuration file is downloaded, open the WireGuard® app and add it using the button on the bottom right. Once your configuration file is added, slide the button next to the filename in WireGuard® to connect. Once connected you’ll see a key icon in your notification bar.

4. Secure VPN Settings

Once WireGuard is setup, there are a few extra steps you can take to ensure you maximize the privacy a VPN can provide.

In Settings -> Connections -> More Connection Settings -> VPN -> WireGuard

Make sure you enable ‘Always-on VPN’. This will make sure Android attempts to stay connected to Skylaski VPN at all times.

On top of that you can also enable ‘Block connections without VPN’ to ensure all connections coming from your phone use the VPN.

Once finished, you can test your connection by browsing to to verify your IP Address.