Setup OpenVPN® on iOS (iPhone)

This article will walk you through setting up OpenVPN® Connect on your iPhone.

1. Get OpenVPN®

OpenVPN® Connect is readily available from the Apple App Store or via this link.

2. Download Configuration

Once OpenVPN® Connect is installed we need to download our configuration file from your account page here.

3. Install Configuration

Once your configuration is downloaded you’ll need to ‘Share’ it to OpenVPN® Connect in order to setup the connection.

Once shared with OpenVPN® continue to setup the connection. Be sure to check ‘Connect after import’ to automatically connect.

4. Configure OpenVPN® Connect

Once connected, there are some additional OpenVPN® Connect settings we want to change in order to maximize Privacy and Security.

While in OpenVPN® Connect, touch the top left corner to get to Settings. From there Enable ‘Seamless Tunnel’ to ensure your phone doesn’t allow apps to connect to the internet while the tunnel is attempting to re-establish a connection.

On top of that we want to disable ‘Fallback DNS’ to ensure no apps try to perform DNS lookups without using Skylaski VPN’s private DNS servers.

Now you’re good to go. To verify connectivity you can check your VPN through your phone’s settings via ‘Settings -> VPN’, or visit