Setup WireGuard® on iOS (iPhone)

This article will walk you through setting up a WireGuard® client on your iOS device.

1. Get WireGuard®

WireGuard® is readily available in the Apple App Store or from this link.

First, download and install WireGuard® on your phone.

2. Download Configuration File

Once WireGuard is installed you’ll need a configuration file to connect to Skylaski VPN. These can easily be downloaded from your account page here.

Find your client, generate a key if needed, and then download your configuration file.

3. Install Configuration File

Once your configuration file is downloaded, open the WireGuard® app and add it using the button in the middle of the screen. Once your configuration file is added, slide the button next to the filename in WireGuard® to connect.

Now you’re connected. You can verify your connection in your phone’s ‘Settings -> VPN’ or by visiting