Free Private DNS


These are’s Free to Use Private DNS Servers.

On the Internet DNS is the service that translates common names to digital destinations. Without this service, we would have to memorize the numbers of every place on the internet we wished to go. With the service, we also gain a lot of load balancing and traffic management capabilities.

DNS is essentially your first stop on the internet everytime you look something up. It quickly becomes a log of all your activity while online. While it doesn’t know what you’re searching on Google or emailing a friend online, it knows what websites you visit and when.

It’s important that the provider of these services protect their user’s privacy rights. This is such a fundamental service that it’s no harm to to provide it for free of use to all whom may need it.

Understandably, this service is not readily available everywhere and thats why it exists. If you already use Skylaski VPN you don’t have to worry about this at all.


Depending on how you’re connecting to the internet setup will be different. Generally speaking you need to find the interface for changing which DNS servers your device/client uses.

Setting up private DNS is becoming more and more common however, so a lot of applications allow you to control this manually. Below are some articles that can hopefully get you started.

  1. Android
  2. iPhone
  3. Windows
  4. Mac