3 Reasons to Use a VPN on Your Phone

#1: Privacy and Anonymity

A VPN works by routing all your devices traffic through a secure tunnel to your VPN provider. This prevents your ISP or governments from seeing what websites you’re browsing to by encrypting all your traffic to the VPN provider.

A VPN also hides your originating IP Address which can be linked to your physical location. This prevents the websites your visiting from knowing your original IP address.

#2: Security

When traveling or using public WIFI hotspots the network your connected to could be compromised by hackers or anyone on the network. When using a VPN, all your traffic to and from the internet is encrypted so anyone on a public network who tries to see your traffic will only see random characters. They won’t be able to see what websites your visiting or any data you share with those websites.

#3: Changing Your Geo-Location

Most VPN providers like Skylaski VPN offers multiple locations around the globe to connect and route your traffic through. This allows you to trick most websites, making them think you actually live in those areas.

So if you need to download an app thats only available in Asia, you can connect through your VPN provider’s Asia location to get the app.

Also, this will let you watch a lot of content from providers like Netflix that is only available to specific regions of the world.