Disable Personalized Ads and Reset Your Advertising ID

Recently Wired published a great article titled ‘A Simple Way to Make It Harder for Mobile Ads to Track You‘.

This short little article is really worth a read, especially today when more and more of our lives happen online, the invasion of privacy online is full on!

Not only is this creepy, but advertisers are operating in spaces normally heavily regulated to protect the innocent like our children. On the Internet, there is a general lack of regulation. Most of us have already agreed to a Privacy Policy or Terms of Service on one of the many FREE platforms online today.

Fortunately as consumers, we are beginning to see more and more options open up to us to make our own choices on what happens to our data on these platforms.

To help prevent unwanted advertising, behavior tracking, and help improve your privacy overall, it’s important to dig into the Privacy options of every piece of software we use.

On Android and iOS phones today, you can disable or minimize personalized ads as well as reset your advertising ID which is used by companies like Google and Apple to profile you.

From the article;


To do it on Android, go to Settings > Privacy > Advanced > Ads and toggle on Opt out of Ads Personalization. On iOS, navigate to Settings > Privacy > Advertising and toggle on Limit Ad Tracking.

If you don’t want to stop ad tracking altogether—you’re getting ads anyway, might as well be relevant—you can navigate to those same screens and tap Reset advertising ID on Android or Reset Advertising Identifier on iOS to cycle your ad ID and essentially force advertisers to start a new profile on you. Android actually shows you your (very long) alpha-numeric ad ID at the bottom of this screen and when you initiate a reset you can watch it change. A clean slate never hurts.


To learn more about these options check out the entire article.

Google has even more options to help improve your privacy and security as well. For more details on how to harden your google profile check out this article.