Can We Even Trust Our Own Home Network?

Recently a couple of security researchers discovered a series of low-cost home networking devices came prepackaged with ‘backdoors’ and scripts that scanned nearby devices for vulnerabilities to potentially exploit.

Unfortunately the researchers realized this was definitely intentional as the software seemed to be specifically designed to allow unauthorized access.

All the routers discovered were either Wavlink, Jetstream, or Winstar branded routers which seem to be owned by a single Chinese entity that’s attempting to flood the market with their exclusive deals with big retailers and extremely low cost.

With this in mind it’s important to remember that it’s very difficult to trust not just our own home network devices, but all the devices our traffic might touch moving across the greater internet.

VPN’s are an absolute necessity these days and with the advancements in computing power and encryption, they’re as transparent as ever. Running a VPN on your home computer or phone has little to no impact on your overall experience.

Skylaski VPN uses the latest VPN technology to deliver speed and security that outperforms major enterprise solutions.

On top of that, we also actively block your device from connecting to well known publishers of tracking cookies and malware, protecting your data as much as possible.

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