Regenerate Compromised Security Keys

Skylaski VPN generates configuration files and security keys for your VPN connection for you. Once generated, you can download this configuration with your private keys as often as needed. stores these keys on an encrypted storage device in a system that is not accessible by the public internet.

Security of these keys, once downloaded, is the sole responsibility of the user. However, if the user discovers or suspects that their key has been lost or stolen and their private connection’s encryption compromised, we allow the user to regenerate their keys up to 5 times per client.

This process is relatively simple, but completely irreversible. deletes, irrevocably any key that’s been revoked by our customers so that they cannot be used for unauthorized access or as identifying information, protecting our customers privacy as much as possible.

Step 1: Log Into Your Account

Log into your account on

Step2: Revoke Your Client’s Current Configuration

Click the ‘Revoke’ button on the Client you’d like to regenerate and ‘Confirm’.

Step 3: Generate Your New Configuration

It will take ~60 seconds for this to complete. Once finished feel free to ‘Generate’ your new configuration and download it via QR Code or as a WireGuard config file.

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State of the Art Encryption With WireGuard®

Skylaski VPN leverages the WireGuard® VPN protocol to provide the greatest number of connection capabilities with the strongest & fastest connections possible.

WireGuard® is State of the Art in terms of Encryption and Speed. Currently, it benchmarks faster than Industry Standard IPSec used by Enterprise Grade VPN Solutions worldwide.

For additional details, visit WireGuard®’s Official Page.

Block Trackers & Advertisers

When using Skylaski VPN enhanced by Skylaski’s Private DNS services, common tracking websites, advertisers, malware & virus publishers will be blocked.

This keeps you as safe and private as much as humanly possible while browsing the internet via Skylaski VPN.

This list of common publishers, trackers, and publishers is updated daily to keep up as much as possible with the ever changing Internet.

General blocklist policies

  • Should not break useful websites or apps
  • Blocks tracking servers
  • Blocks advertising servers
  • Blocks analytics servers
  • Blocks scam websites
  • Blocks malware servers
  • Blocks webminers
  • Blocks phishing servers

Protect yourself from hidden trackers, malware, and virus publishers by connecting to the Internet through

Private DNS

Skylaski VPN enhances it’s VPN services with Private DNS.

When browsing the Internet, even if using an encrypted connection, your web browser performs DNS lookups to convert common Domain Names like to an IP Address to perform the actual connection.

Websites can discover what DNS servers you used to discover their IP Address and if incentivized, can discover information about you by obtaining information from the providers of those DNS services.

When connecting to the internet via Skylaski VPN’s services, your client will be configured to use our Private DNS servers that fall under our strict No Log Policy, which means there is absolutely no data to be had and no additional context presented which can be used to identify you on the internet.

This in turn, protects your privacy even more than traditional VPN services.

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No Logs!

Skylaski VPN operates under a rigid No Log policy. Detailed in our Privacy Policy.

This means when you’re using Skylaski’s VPN Services either by OpenVPN® or WireGuard®, we absolutely, positively do not capture or store any data regarding your connection or activity.

We don’t record where you connect from.

We don’t record where you connect to.

No timestamps, source IP addresses, session data, bandwidth usage, DNS lookups, nothing.

We do not monitor you at all or share your information with anyone else.

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