Skylaski VPN is a Veteran owned and operated tech company based out of Austin, Texas dedicated to protecting your right to privacy while online.

If you’re tired of advertisers tracking you from site to site, ISPs collecting your browsing history, or governments invading your privacy then a VPN is for you.

A VPN secures your phone’s connection to the internet through an encrypted tunnel to our servers all over the world. This way, anyone who attempts to sniff your traffic won’t be able to see what websites you’re going to or where you’re located.

Skylaski VPN also protects you against the most common identity theft and malware techniques keeping you secure. We maintain a database of well known trackers and malware publishers, preventing apps from shipping your data to third parties in the background.

A VPN is similar to running antivirus software on your device. It runs in the background and you’ll never notice it’s there. In fact, industry experts recommend a VPN as the first and most fundamental tool in maintaining your privacy and security while online.

Some additional benefits of using a global VPN provider like us include being able to access geo-specific content by tunneling your internet connection through servers in 20+ locations around the globe. This can help you watch your local streaming content while traveling or bypass censorship that may be happening in your country.

If you care about activism and social progress then you understand how important Privacy is, especially today with the encroachment of government surveillance and social media algorithms that use behavioral analysis to determine the content presented to you online. Without Privacy there is no choice, and without choice there is no freedom. 

Why Choose Skylaski VPN?

Unlike a lot of VPN providers out there, we truly don’t collect any information on you.

A lot of VPN providers say they don’t log your information, but install tracking cookies in your browser the moment you visit their website or try to persuade you to use their proprietary technology that cannot be vetted by professionals. Even worse, some VPN providers simply lie while being owned by known malware publishers. Being a veteran founded company that believes in fighting for your rights offline AND online, you can trust us. 

Skylaski VPN also leverages the latest and greatest VPN technology leveraging the WireGuard VPN protocol, providing you the fastest, most secure connection possible. If you’re interested in learning more Click Here.

Skylaski VPN regularly contributes to other organizations that are aligned to our ideology and actively work to provide the best technology and protect your rights on the digital frontier. Click here to see what organizations we currently support.


On December 7th 2020 Skylaski VPN was accepted to become a member of Veterans in Residence 2021-A Cohort.

A partnership of WeWork and Bunker Labs, Veterans in Residence is a six-month in-person/virtual incubator and leadership program that provides veteran and military family member entrepreneurs the community, business support, and workspace to help launch and grow their businesses.

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