Getting Started

To get setup on Skylaski VPN you need 2 things.

  1. Client
  2. Configuration

Skylaski VPN is a Bring-Your-Own-Client VPN. We provide the servers and the network using open protocols and tools. You provide your own Client for connecting to the network. Just like the Internet and your Web Browser, we give you the choice in how you want to connect.

Skylaski VPN supports the WireGuard® VPN Protocol. There are absolutely amazing, open source clients readily available today for you to download and install from the related projects and development teams. WireGuard®

You can download and install the official WireGuard® client using the following links.

Once your client is installed, browse to your account page on

Here you will select your location, choose your client’s protocol, generate your configuration, and then download it.

The initial key generation may take some time. Be patient.

The configuration file will be used to setup your client. This information will include your private security key, so keep it secret and safe. Feel free to delete it once your client is configured properly. If you should ever suspect that this information is compromised, Skylaski VPN allows you to regenerate your key or switch VPN protocols up to 5 times.

For additional help in configuring specific clients, especially for mobile. See our other How-To Guides.

If you still need help, be sure to stop by our support forums and ask your question. We’d love to help!