Skylaski VPN Guide

How VPN Works

The purpose behind (VPN) Virtual Private Networks, are to connect devices so they may exist together on the same logical network, even though the actual network these devices are using span multiple providers, protocols, and geographies.

VPN technology essentially provides an encrypted tunnel between two devices, providing privacy from any other devices that may exist on the underlying networks. This could be any network devices owned by other clients, internet or mobile service providers.

Basic client software is readily available from WireGuard® Open Source projects. Skylaski VPN allows you to bring your own client to our network by providing the configuration required to connect.

Skylaski’s VPN servers do not log any information regarding any connection to our services & provide Private DNS services that ensure your domain name lookups are private as well.

Why Use a VPN?

Unless computer security is your profession or passion, the average user doesn’t have the time or knowledge to truly discover how safe a network is before requiring internet services to pursue their own ends.

Securing your connection to the internet allows you a certain degree of anonymity online that reduces the effectiveness of behavior advertising, tracking, and tactics used in Identity Theft and Malware.

Using a VPN can effectively blind your Internet Service Provider to all your activity online preventing them from selling your data to the highest bidder.

Advertisers are spending more and more money on Behavioral Advertising which becomes more and more annoying the more data they gather. Skylaski VPN blocks well known trackers and malware publishers from profiting off your data and eliminates a lot of ads when browsing from website to website.

Combined with the ongoing data-breaches among some of the most prominent corporate databases, where information is leaked to the dark web, privacy is more important than ever.

VPN services today along with the advancements in computing & network technology has almost no impact on a user’s overall experience when accessing the Internet. Impact to battery life and internet speed when using the latest technology is minimal and practically unnoticeable.

Get A VPN Plan offers various VPN Plans that allow you to connect up to 10 devices at a time. To get started head over to our VPN Plans page. Once a user has established a VPN plan with Skylaski they will have access to their VPN Account page where they can not only choose their VPN Technology, but also name their client something familiar, and choose what Skylaski server location they wish to connect to.

Get A VPN Client

Skylaski supports the WireGuard® VPN protocol.


WireGuard® is a new technology that is extremely fast & uses the latest in encryption technology. However, WireGuard® is still in it’s infancy and might not be easy to use or not have the features desired by the user.

Choose A Location

Skylaski VPN has locations all over the globe for your convenience.

Generate Keys and Configuration File

In order to acquire an encryption key & configuration for the client, users will first click the generate button for their preferred client.

Once generated, the configuration file with the private key inline will be provided to the user. Its the responsibility of the user to keep this key safe, but if they suspect its compromised, they’re welcome to revoke & regenerate a new key up to 5 times. This configuration is available via download as a text file or encoded as a QR Code.

Skylaski provides a user with the configurations files needed to enable a WireGuard VPN Client to connect to our services. What a user does with these files is out of our control. It is up to the user to secure these configurations.

Connect to Skylaski VPN

For Mobile, checkout the following guides.

  1. WireGuard® on Android
  2. WireGuard® on iOS (iPhone)

Depending on your VPN Client, installing the configuration file & keys will be slightly different. Generally speaking however, the client software will provide the means to load a file from the devices filesystem. Download the configuration for your client and load it into your client software.

Verifying Connectivity

One way of validating connectivity is to visit a website that will inform you the IP Address you’re connecting to it from. ifconfig or ipleak will work.

Your reported IP Address should be same as the VPN server you’re connecting to. If your browser is leaking your old DNS servers, clear cache and restart your browser.

Support offers a number of different ways to get support for our services.